Welcome Back to School!

Welcome back to school!  Starting a new school year and even starting middle school, high school, and college for the first time can be a huge adjustment.  Here are some tips that can help with the adjustment:

  1.  Put a timer on your phone to remind you that it is time to put away social media, turn off the TV, and get some rest.  Many students find themselves up until 2 – 3 am chatting with friends, watching YouTube videos, playing games, or reading.  Screen time activates your brain and makes it difficult to sleep.  This will make it difficult to pay attention in class, and can lead to increased anxiety or depression.
  2. Make sure to take advantage of all the nice weather and get outside often.  Stay active as this can be beneficial to your overall mood.  Make sure to check with a doctor before you start any exercise routine.
  3. Stay organized, make lists, keep a calendar with appointments, due dates, and class schedules.  Staying organized can help reduce stress, especially when multiple big deadlines are approaching.
  4. Get involved:  Middle Schools, High Schools, and College are communities.  Get out and meet new people.  Get involved in a group or special interest.  Take a chance and you may find something you love and develop friendships that will last a lifetime.

If you as a college student, or your middle school/high school student is struggling with various aspects of school due to depression, anxiety, relationship issues, bullying, or low motivation, please feel free to schedule a time to come in and talk.  I have daytime and evening appointments.  You can self-schedule using the tab on the right.  If you call, please keep in mind that I don’t have a receptionist.  Please leave a voice mail and I will return your call.  Please do not text as it isn’t a confidential form of communication.


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